August 29, 2010

29 08 2010

holy crap. a month. see like almost everyday id think “man i need to blog” but i never get out my laptop to do so. so, here i am. i’m not dead. sorry bout the lapse. school started august 16. it sucked. i’ve only been in school a week and i already want it to be over. [i’ll be jumping from thing to thing that’s happened in the past month so bear with me]. last friday we had our first football game. i was asked to play the national anthem, solo, just me, no vocals. and i got a lot of compliments. mr. ferguson even emailed me yesterday saying, “scott i was moved by your music.” that made me feel so good about myself. me and pearson are still going out ๐Ÿ™‚ um, my saxophone teacher, mr london, said “if you make all-state in jazz and band, then i’ll give you my horn.” and i was like OMYGODSERIOUSLY? and he’s all yeah. then today he says so if you make both, we’ll trade horns. whoa. hold your horses. trade? trade ruby. no. never. i love ruby. i’ll buy your horn before i give her up. lol. bu ti am considering it :\ i know i know but i really like his hornย  too. i’d name his horn jezebelle tho lol. i was so mad when he said that i was like “you went back on what you said!” i didn’t say that but i was pissed. um me and pearson pretend “broke up” because of some weird family/friend issues :\ but i saw her yesterday! friday was joes birthday!! i burnt him like 50 cds! ๐Ÿ˜€ he seemed happy. all classic rock stuff. except the sex pistols, who are more punk, but you know what i mean. that stuff. i’ve been practicing saxophone a lot because i’m expecting something. idk what. but i feel like something good will come out of it. i’m looking for a vintage baritone preferably a mark vi with original lacquer, if you hear anything, let me know hahah. its only been 2 weeks of school so far and i’m feeling stressed. OHOHOH i get to fix up an ibanez rg tremolo red and might get paid. its for the school. idk if id get money but i like fixing those things. i ordered the parts i needed and it’ll all be done by friday hopefully. i’m really stressed though about school, i don’t know if i can keep up but i’m trying to. ummm dang i don’t know what else ๐Ÿ˜ฎ if i think of anything i’ll definitely post it. blog u l8tr!

^^mark vi original lacquer!!^^


July 30, 2010

30 07 2010

dear lord been three weeks and one day. thats a little too long. from july 10 to july 26th, i was at camp. thats a two week two day long camp. i’m very specific. lol XD anyways it was the same camp i went to last year, fasa. well annie moses band’s fine arts summer academy, but we call it fasa. anyways i made tons of friends there. there was matt [my first friend], well ok kristy was but yeah anyways. matt, kristy, hosanna, johnathon [roomate], james [eventually moved in with us], miranda, sadie, grace, carter, brianna, WADE, lincoln, will [champion], marley, eric, etcetcetc so many people. they were all so cool. lol. i loved em. but after one week, theres was a jazz concert. and i was 1st chair and sax section leader so i got to play REALLY LOUD. it was epic! i got 4 solos. 2 of which were improv. i loved it. and i got my new profile pic from that concert. and then the final performance i had to tone it down. but we had tons of fun. like great camp. going into detail would take forever so i’ll just keep these memories stored up here in meh brain. i was like the best guitarist there too! XD it was hilariously awesome! lol. i got to play for a few people in the songwriting class’ songs. it was pretty cool. i’ll post a picture below. and uhm.. oh. ohohoh. huge news. i’m a junior this year right? well for my senior year i’m gonna try to go to this boarding school in michigan called interlochen. its one of the best music highschools in the country. and well its $50,000. we don’t have anywhere near that. so with financial aid it’ll probably go down to about $25,000-$30,000. then i’ll go for the scholarships which will get it down do $10,000-$20,000. which we could more easily afford. and this will help me get into the best music colleges in the country. i can’t wait. i’m literally practicing twice as much to get in. maybe even 3 times as much. ahghsadghlk i’m nervous. and scared. man. well um. yeah. i guess thats it. interesting right? ๐Ÿ˜› blog u l8tr!

July 8,ย 2010

8 07 2010

hey. so its been 5 days. bleh. nothing really has happened. so um i had to go to church on sunday. normally i wouldn’t care but i was exhausted. and my sister got home from haiti. she went on a missions trip there. she didn’t say much, but she seemed like she had fun overall. monday i went over to pearsons place. we watched paranormal activity, she had never seen it and she was kind of confused XD it was funny, then we explored her ginormous back yard, and no that isn’t code for butt, mk? i’m seriously talking about her house’s backyard. we then went for a walkkkk and then i left. ๐Ÿ˜› um tuesday was my “birthday party” which wasn’t a party but my parents called it that. we had band practice from 12-5, at 3:30 joe woods left. then at 5 pearson came over and hung with the 3 of us. then we went upstairs and jammed [no we didn’t do anything else, well we played smash bros XD but nothing gross!]. we taught pearson an Eminor chord then i took a solo and rocked it hard. like it was insane. then they left. lol. wednesday i didn’t really do anything, i went to axis but that was it. and now today. today ive done nothing. i sat around while a lady from the real estate came and told us to change everything to sell our house. and she was here for 3 hours! i was all “-.-” but whatever. lol. then i got pearson a 1 month gift. shes pretty awesome. andddddd is that it? i guess. gah i’m boring. ooohh i’m reobsessed with jimi hendrix ๐Ÿ˜› but yeah that’s it. blog you l8tr!

^^my new guitar!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ^^

July 3, 2010

4 07 2010

hello! on saturday, like the 26th pearson came over to listen to the band. she said we were pretty good. lol we were alright that day tho. on sunday i left for camp at belmont university out in nashville. i wasn’t looking forward to it but i was keeping an open mind. and i’m so gladย  did. that was such a fun week! like i get there sunday put my stuff down meet my room mate etcetc and then we head off to the lobby. theres about 15, 17 kids in there. none of them talking. it was like, “hello..?” and we were all whispering. so i just start talking normal volume and everyone looks at me like “” but then they all start being normal and it was funny. we all become immediate friends pretty much. and i do think i played a part in that because i went out of my way to talk to like, everybody almost. but then we went to rehearsal and started working on the music we’ll be doing. well actually, we auditioned, THEN rehearsed. i got 2nd chair. the 1st chair chick rocked. i was the only guy saxophonist. lolol. after rehearsal we had dinner, we all made a huge table and sat together. then the most awkward thing ever, the ice cream social. its a very good idea, especially for band nerds at band camp who don’t talk to people. but we all sat there quietly eating. well i mean i was talking to elias salazar, the coolest counselor ever and these three chicks he’s always with lol. mark was there too. mark = room mate. monday we wake up, eat breakfast, rehearse till 11:30, eat lunch, go to a saxophone workshop, then jazz band, then dinner, then free time/fun planned events. we all got to know eachother rather fast. and we all hung out all week. and i miss them. ahh its terrible. :\ but i had so much fun. never a dull moment with those guys/gals. ahh. on wednesday was emily thomack’s birthday so i say “hey everybody, we’re getting her a card and having everyone sign it then grabbing a teddy bear for her.” which we end up doing. she loved it. like she looked so happy. but i had my friend josh give it to her cause he had a small crush on her; get him some brownie points. thursday was dr kraus’ birthday and apparently there was a surprise no one told me about. i walk up to him and say, “hey isn’t it your birthday!” and hes all “yeah!” and so i lead the group in singing happy birthday with my beautiful singing voice. then a counselor, sarah, pulled me aside saying “WE WERE GOING TO SURPRISE HIM WITH A CAKE AGHHHH” and i was like “oh, my bad” and whatever. it was ok. friday was my birthday. on my birthday a few people walked up to me and said “happy birthday” and at breakfast one of my friends sang happy birthday but at lunch, the same thing i did for emily her and her friends did for me. they got me a card, signed it, and grabbed a key chain for me XD but the best part was she didn’t know i was the one who gave it to her the 1st time so she wanted to get me something. it made me feel so special ๐Ÿ™‚ saturday we had our concerts. 9:00 we did our chamber music with our sectionals. 11:30 we had our jazz concert. i played baritone sax and got a solo. it was fun. at 12 we had our mega concert and that was awesome. my parents picked me up and gave me the crane wife by the decemberists on vinyl! we eat some mexican food, i get home and then i open up a few gifts. i got a new amp for guitar, i got mike and ikes, drum sticks, sax mouthpice, andย  A NEW GUITAR. ive been dreaming of this guitar for like 2 years. and they found it used for like $200 and it came with a strap and ahhh i love it. its name is penny. ahhh i love it so much ๐Ÿ˜€ ok well thats it. i’m tired. goodnight ๐Ÿ˜€ blog you l8tr!

here’s a link to it !

June 25, 2010

25 06 2010

hey its been 6 days sorry ๐Ÿ˜› ahh so um sunday was fathers day. but he didn’t really care so me and pearson hung out from 1-4:30. that was so fun! ๐Ÿ˜€ we went to the collierville mall. and just hung out. it was fun. thenย  me and joe and brandon hung out. ha. they make me laugh so hard. monday was my mom’s birthday. that went badly cause my sister treats her terribly. and we had this ayc [axis youth conference which is like a christian conference] and that was all week. until today. it ended yesterday. like i only had 2 hours a day to myself. which sucked. cause i barely got to play any music! i was like, “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” and thats all ive done this week pretty much. and it was alright. this will be a short post. but the album ” the hazards of love” is really good. it by the decemberists. anyways. um i guess thats it -.- sorry. ok um heres a picture! blog u l8tr!

i always post this picture. i love it.

June 19, 2010

19 06 2010

happy saturday! saturdays are always great. because its the weekend. don’t get me wrong, in summer every day is a weekend but with this is like, i dont know. but it feels different. like i can do whatever i want. i can’t believe its the 19th. because tomorrow is father’s day. and the day after is my moms birthday. then i gotta record. ahhh its so insane -.- lol. but since i left off, that was monday right? well. today is saturday. this week me and joe holley, we’re doing an experiment 2 man band type thing so we had a 2 man band practice. we wrote 2 songs. or begun two songs. one is really intense. and the other is really..not depressing but yeah sure. depressing. lol. and me and pearson tried to ichat but apparently that’s against the rules..? i don’t know really. but my parents got really mad. and ive been playing a ton of guitar. i’m getting better. oh! i had this crazy bad migraine headache for 2 days! agh its was like adslkfjasdg;lksajdg. but i stole my mom’s orthopedic neck pillow thing and now its gone. ๐Ÿ˜€ the decemberists are my new band obsession. “castaways and cutouts” is a good album but my favorite is “the crane wife”. “hazards of love” is good but i love the crane wife. its just so amazing. i’ll give links to each song off the albums. i need to shower soon. ahhh pearson comes home late today so i’m going to see her tomorrow i hope. ahh i love the decemberists. so amazing.

01 – The Crane Wife Part 3

02 – The Island: Come and See, The Landlord’s Daughter, You’ll Not Feel the Drowning

03 – Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)

04 – O Valencia!

05 – The Perfect Crime No. 2 (live version)

05 – The Perfect Crime No. 2 (studio/album version)

06 – When the War Came

07 – Shankill Butchers

08 – Summersong

09 – The Crane Wife Parts 1 & 2

10 – Sons & Daughters

11 – After the Bombs

12 – Culling of the Fold

13 – The Perfect Crime #1 + The Day I Knew You’d Not Come Back (i want my band to cover it, i’d probably put brandon on drums and me on saxophone to cover the horn section. and i can only find a live version so it might not even have the horn section isn’t low quality its just not high quality)

14 – Hurdles Even Here

(Tracks 11-14 are all bonus track, with track 11 and 13 being reallllllly good) and on rhapsody it says that track 11 and 12 are switched and aren’t bonus tracks, but they’re special rhapsody bonus tracks so they look as if part of the album which the technically are but you know, bonus xD

so thanks for reading. please listen. OH WE got our song re-recorded and put up on our myspace, you should listen. Scarlett Poppy : and its the demo 2 song. but i haven’t talked about my views on things in awhile. morely my life. which is fine but my life has thoughts. like my hopes and dreams. my aspirations for myself and my fears. like right now. i’m afraid. because i want to be a musician more than anything. i would give up everything to be able to touch someone else’s life through music. because music. its like.. i don’t know how to explain it. but when i hear it. these lights go off in my head saying there’s something greater than just you in this world. and you can do something. why else would millions show up to woodstock in 1969? why else has music been one of the only things thats survived since the beginning of time? and lyrics have become a big part of our music today. you can tell stories or give metaphors of things that youre too afraid to say otherwise. or sometime you’ll just straight up say it. but the music that can be created are so ineffable that they can touch the deepest part of your soul that you didn’t know you had. its so beautiful. and thats why i play different instruments. like saxophone can be one of the most touching instruments imitating the human voice if you play it right. the drums are a powerful, driving instrument. guitar is extremely versatile but to make it beautiful is hard. you have to be good. but it can solo awesomely. piano is just. if you don’t know. then just no. lol. and clarinet is the same as sax. well um yeah. that’s it.

blog u l8tr.

June 14, 2010

14 06 2010

ah, hello again. so i left off on the 10th right? well on the 11th, me and pearson went to the mall, just me and her. we had so much fun. and i asked her out, and guess what. she said YES ๐Ÿ˜€ that made my week. ahhh shes pretty awesome. and i’m really lucky. but this week she went to orlando -.- so we’ll hang out soon i guess. ugh lol. and on the 12th we had band practice which went well. we got a lot of recording done. and i feel like i’m getting sick by my parents don’t believe me lol. on the 13th mega fights broke out way more than usual. so we didn’t go to church. and then i stayed up late on the phone, talkin. [yes to pearson]. shes so cool. i did some recording yeah. and then today. i slept in. and i’m still sleepy. ahhhh ๐Ÿ˜€ wellyeah not much happens in the summer. just a lot of music lol. thats my puppy ๐Ÿ˜€ hes huge. blog u l8tr!